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Energy Saving Tips

SensorAct - Sense, Interact, Actuate

SensorAct is an open source federated middleware which accommodates a rich ecosystem of sensors & actuators and enables building high level third party applications. It also supports participation from stakeholders such as occupants to set policies for management of sensor data and control of electrical/electronic systems.

Smart Meter - Energy Dashboards

With our energy dashboards, we collect and visualize energy consumption data and then investigate how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation and apply insights from behavioral science to design optimal interventions for changing energy use behavior. We also do billing practices using this data.

NILM - Non Intrusive Load Monitoring

Non intrusive load monitoring (NILM) is the process of breaking down the total electrical load into constituent appliances. State of the art timeseries optimized machine learning techniques are being disaggregate the information collected using a smart meter. Each appliance has a unique power signature and we use these features for NILM.