• Pervasive Sensing and Computing Technologies for Energy and Water Sustainability in Buildings, Dr. Amarjeet Singh(PI), Dr. Pushpendra Singh & Dr. Vinayak Naik (Co-PI), funded by DIT and NSF, 2 years starting April 2012, App. Rs 1,30,00,000
  • Time and Presence Based Actuation, Research Project funded by Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (TCIL), completed May 2013, App. Rs 2,00,000

Recent News

  • More than 150 smart meters installed on IIIT Delhi campus with data being collected from them every 30 seconds.
  • Surveyed more than 1500 households in Delhi for energy consumption behavior in summer 2013.
  • Recently completed an extensive home deployment.

    Schematic showing overall home deployment.

    Sensing environmental parameters & light, temprature, motion.

    Current cost CT based monitoring.

    EM6400 Smart Electric Meter

    Pulse output water meter

    Appliance level monitoring using jPlug.

    Glowing LEDs in the Night.

    Split Core CT monitoring circuit level current.

    Raspberry Pi collecting pulse outputs from water meter.